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Jeonju mill, a history maker of the paper industry in Korea.
It is the third-largest newsprint mill in the world with an annual actual capacity of 1,000,000 metrics tons. Jeonju Paper aims to capture both client satisfaction and environmental awareness by using a combination of raw materials ranging from environment-friendly recovered paper to higher quality mechanical pulp.

News Print  • Publication Papers

SCA is Europe’s largest private forest owner, encompassing some 2.6 million hectares of forest land and produces forest products with a strong environmental profile. SCA is a leading global hygiene and forest products company. SCA focuses on the prime quality segments within magazine paper; uncoated offset and LWC paper.

LWC • SC • Super Bright • Bulky paper • Uncoated offset • Newsprint.

Printing paper, industrial paper, special paper, thermal paper, etc.

As South Korea’s largest paper manufacturer, Hansol Paper has been contributing to the advancement of human culture and Korean industry since its inception in 1965 with the diverse range of paper it produces. Hansol Paper, which constitutes the starting point and foundation for the Hansol Group, has grown into South Korea’s only comprehensive paper manufacturer whose products include printing paper, industrial paper, specialty paper, and thermal paper; its four plants, located in Janghang, Daejeon, Cheonan, and Sintanjin respectively, are equipped with a specialized production system for each product type.

Every day, we design and develop things as a team, always keeping in mind the importance of sustainability in our stakeholder relationships. Based on our fundamental values, we face the challenges of the rapidly changing market as a company and as a team and grow continuously this way.

Catalyst produces printing papers, specialty papers and pulp. We’re proud of our superior customer and technical service and thrive on providing innovative products and solutions for our customers’ needs.

Recently Catalyst have started a new division for low gsm food packaging grades as well as regular packaging grades.

Mondi is a leading global packaging and paper group with a focus on being sustainable by design. We are contributing to a better world by making innovative solutions using paper where possible, plastic when useful. See our approach and how our purpose, strategy, and culture all connect in The Mondi Way.

Packaging Grades

Fujito also deals in various types of papers including uncoated woodfree and packaging grades such as duplex board, corrugated medium, liners, and other various grades. Below mentioned are our esteemed partners.