Baumann Wohlenberg is a company specializing in post-press solutions for the printing industry. They offer equipment and machinery for various finishing processes, including cutting, folding, and binding. Baumann Wohlenberg’s solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and precision in the post-printing stage, ensuring that printed materials are finished to high-quality standards. Their equipment is used by print shops and binderies to trim, fold, and bind printed sheets, ultimately preparing them for distribution or further processing.

Automatic Cutting

Wohlenberg High-Speed Guillotins

Automatic Positioning System

This product line offers a comprehensive set of advanced solutions for the printing and bookbinding industry. These solutions encompass efficient web-to-book block finishing, automated trimming, flexible book binding, stable production, and high-speed binding capabilities. They cater to a variety of printing needs, combining innovation and automation to ensure top-quality results in both digital and offset production environments.

Superbinder-200F Perfect Binder

G460P Automatic Gathering Machine

Digital Finishing Digital Robot 2000A

DT-30 Digital Three Knife Trimmer

Digital FoldLine 180

Modern technique that allows rational gluing, cutting, perforating, die-cutting, folding, wire-stitching or perfect binding, spot lamination, die embossing of different products and sizes.

Cutting Machine

Perfect Glue Binder

Digital Roll Laminator

LCT Laser Die-Cutting Machine

MCT Rotary Die Cutter

BK High Speed Digital Cutting System